Friday, January 27, 2017

"...Hashtag Redux..."

Not a day passes, these days, that I don't find yet another thing that Donald Trump and I don't have in common.

Today's discovery isn't fresh out of the muck, but it's timely and topical by my chronometer.

He is incapable of ever being wrong, ever admitting he doesn't know better about anything and everything and, rest easy, chronic worriers, his wall will be built, get old and fall to dust before he ever admits that he has ever made a mistake about anything.

As for me, well, I'm more than ready to admit that I made a serious mistake .

Three weeks ago, give or take, I posted the following on my primary Facebook page

a legitimate case can be made that the hashtag #notmypresident is inappropriate under any circumstance, given that respect for the office is, and should be, separate from respect for the person occupying the office.....
that said, for those of us who wish to respect the office while expressing our displeasure (and/or rejection) of the occupant.....
ladies and gentlemen.(drum roll...)
this citizen, and I invite you to join if you feel so moved, believes the incoming occupant to be
he has the opportunity to prove otherwise.
breath, to date, not currently being held.

It took me less than a month to realize:

a) I was still making an effort to speak on behalf of taking the high road.
b) my own personal respect and reverence for the office of President was factoring into my judgement
c) I was, foolishly, given my own life experience and the perspective gained accordingly, sub-consciously playing "peace maker" in a tsunami sized cess pool of rancor, venom, vitriol, disgust and demagoguery.

I freely admit, at this writing, that I made a mistake in suggesting that Donald Trump be given anything even remotely resembling respect.

He was unfit and unqualified to be President the moment he set foot in the race.
He remains, clearly and egregiously, unfit and unqualified to be President.
He was, and is, a reprehensible human being who I would go to extraordinary lengths to exclude from my personal and/or professional life, were I to encounter him in more "civilian" circumstances.

His behavior, since his swearing in, has done nothing to indicate there will be any improvement in his presentation and has done EVERYTHING to indicate that his damaged personality will become more unwieldy and harmful to this nation and the world

His election to the nation's highest office represents what , I feel confident, will eventually be judged as one of the lowest, most disgraceful moments in the history of the United States of America.

All that is necessary, it was wisely said, for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing.
I harbor no illusions about my editorial two cents having any kind of impact whatsoever on the fate of a nation or the world.

That said, I reiterate that my previous post was an error in judgement, a betrayal of my own intellect and an indifference to the gut instinct that has served me reasonably well as a man, husband, father, grandfather and friend for the past 65 years.

I am an educated man. I am well above average in intelligence. I have no deeply rooted or blinding prejudices that would taint or mutate my willingness and constant desire to be accommodating, reasonable, compromising and/or ready and able to see all sides, in hopes of finding common ground on this planet we all share in our mortal lifetimes.

And I harbor no personal ill will, nor wish for harm, toward Donald Trump.

But, for the record, if only for my own sense of speaking the truth as I know it, he is, now, and for the remainder of the time this nation is afflicted with his emotional and psychological state of being.....


Here's an additional bonus I will be freely sprinkling around.


Note: if you are reading this piece and are, either, a Facebook friend or found your way here via Facebook and you disagree with my comments, spare yourself the time and bother of replying or commenting here, or there, in any way. 

In the spirit of the man elected to sit in the Oval Office, I'm only interested in hearing from people who agree with everything I say or do every hour of the day.

And, I will delete any comments that are not in sync with my own.

Fact is, actually,, that if you are still endorsing this man and the things that he represents, again, save yourself the bother of reply and unfriend me on social media immediately.

Given the outrageously obvious obscenity of this man's presence in our national life, your continued endorsement and/or support of him pretty much guarantees that you and I are done anyway.

God bless you and yours.


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